Does Tea Tree Oil Cure BV?

Does Tea Tree Oil Cure BV?

Tea tree oil is a very commonly recommended natural treatment for bacterial vaginosis.  Known in scientific circles as Melaleuca Alternifolia, tea tree oil has been touted for many years as a treatment for many common ailments including BV and yeast infection.

However, there has been little medical research to suggest that tea tree oil, in and of itself, is an effective BV cure. That’s not to say that tea tree oil isn’t a good option as part of a BV treatment strategy. In fact, tea tree oil does have known antimicrobial properties and also provides therapeutic relief from itching and inflammation. Therefore, there is definitely some demonstrated benefit to using tea tree oil for BV treatment and I would recommend that you consider incorporating tea tree oil into your bacterial vaginosis treatment regimen.

To use tea tree oil effectively, you can purchase tea tree oil suppositories and simply insert them directly into the vagina in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Tea tree oil suppositories are widely available online and can be purchased from online retailing giant You can also make your own tea tree oil suppository by combining a mixture of two thirds vitamin B oil and one third tea tree oil.  This mixture can be combined in gel capsules available from many health food stores and then inserted into the vagina on a daily basis.

To get the best results from tea tree oil, continue use for 6 to 8 weeks and combine it with other natural cures like acidophilus and hydrogen peroxide.


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