Does Garlic Cure BV?

Does Garlic Cure BV?

It may not be as attractive as other natural BV remedies, but garlic can actually be an extremely powerful ally in your fight against bacterial vaginosis.

Garlic has been renowned for thousands of years for its natural healing powers but, until recently, very little was understood as to the science behind the benefits of garlic. However, that has changed in recent years as many academic institutions have begun to study and recognize what alternative health practitioners have been preaching for years – that garlic is actually more powerful than many pharmaceuticals on the market today. In fact, Washington State University recently confirmed that garlic was more effective than pharmaceutical antibiotics at fighting certain types of bacterial infection.


It should come as no surprise then that many women have reported great success in treating their bacterial vaginosis with garlic. In fact, many women have shared with me that they have been able to completely eradicate BV in a short period of time using either garlic alone or as part of a combination of natural BV cures including acidophilus.

To use garlic for treating BV, you can either opt for fresh garlic or use garlic capsules.  In the case of fresh garlic, simply peel a clove, pierce it a few times with a fork to release the healing juices and inserted directly into the vagina. After a few days, it will be expelled naturally on its own. Although one treatment will often do the trick, you can certainly repeat it if necessary.

Of course, using fresh garlic will leave a less than pleasant odor and you’ll likely want to avoid intimate contact for several days after treatment. If this is impractical or you just want to avoid the odor altogether, then I would suggest that you opt for the use of garlic capsules which can be purchased in odorless form. To use this method, simply obtain odorless garlic capsules in a 400 to 600 mg dosage and insert one capsule into your vagina daily. The capsule should dissolve on its own.

In addition to the garlic, I would strongly recommend that you take a probiotic supplement on a daily basis. Together with the garlic treatment, these probiotics will help to strengthen your immune system and restore your vagina’s natural pH balance.  These two treatments, together with plenty of water to help flush toxins out of your system should result in a marked improvement in your BV and, for many women, should eliminate it completely.


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